Happy Goddess Venus day

Happy Goddess Venus day! Friday is named after the germanic goddess Frigg with the Roman goddess Venus, with whom the day is associated in many different cultures.

Women of the world, we have a day of the week which belongs to us!

It’s never too late to start something new and celebrate being a woman. I spent years in the corporate world, wearing suits, minimal makeup and dulling down my feminism. I’m a bit angry with myself about that. Why didn’t I prove how powerful a feminine woman can be? Why did I want to blend in with the guys? I was trying to prove that I could be as good as them, better even.

When men tell me there is no sexual discrimination in the workplace, I laugh – loudly! They have no idea.

Having been subject to comments such as ‘I can’t pay you the same as the guys, it wouldn’t be fair, you have a husband’ ‘Why should you earn more than me? My wife doesn’t work and you have dual income’ ‘Why are you in the office so late? Don’t you need to go home and cook dinner?’ or this one which was said to me more times that I care to remember: ‘Do you know what the word WIFE stands for? Washing, Ironing, F*cking, Etc’.

I can only hope the younger generation are not subjected to comments and treatment like this. I have an endless list of comments like this, they are not rare at all. These men are still in the workplace and will continue to attempt to belittle women for their entire career.

So today is our day! Let’s celebrate each Friday as goddess day and show the world how awesome we are.

I woke up to an email from @thrivecausemetics , informing me they will use the work I did for them in a TV campaign in the USA. Come on…I’m 53 – how awesome is this??????!!!!

Have a beautiful weekend.


Strong women

Strong women.

So many messages about this.

I posted on my stories about the gorgeous @msstarmonroe earlier today. She helps midlife women take control of their lives. She’s had a colourful life and continues to, in the many colours of the rainbow every day on Insta. We need to channel our inner Star. A woman who is confident, happy and determined to get the most out of life.

But I received messages from women of all ages. Young women asking for help.
No matter your age, this is your life and you deserve to be treated with respect. Not bullied, patronised, belittled, the victim of misogynism or any form of hatred. Know that we are all warrior women. Some are warriors in waiting. Waiting until they are ready to take charge of their lives.

@sailor_inthe_city posted earlier in the week about his support of feminism. I enjoy his channel immensely. He said that he wants a better world for his daughter.

I want a better world for all daughters. One where they can feel safe and valued.

Recently I heard a question posed to both men and women: ‘What are you most afraid of from the opposite sex?’
Men answered ‘to be made a fool of’
Women answered ‘to be killed’

You can kill someone emotionally and mentally with a lack of respect, aggression or misuse of power.

Women have the power to take charge and survive. It’s within us, we are strong. We need to help other women find their voice.

I do not hate men, I adore men. My best friends are men. Good men.

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Be careful how much you tolerate

I briefly glanced at my phone yesterday to see these words on a post.‘Be careful how much you tolerate, as you are teaching people how to treat you’

I know many women feel they are walked over, belittled, undervalued, used and abused.

I’m not afraid of confrontation. I would rather defend myself and stand my ground than spend the next week replaying the situation or conversation, and how I should have handled it – spoken out and defended myself.

If men are strong they are referred to as ‘powerful’. If women are strong, we are referred to as ‘bitches’. Although I’ve never had a problem with the word ‘bitch’. Female dogs are incredibly affectionate but fiercely protective.

Standing up for what you believe in or calmly telling someone ‘I don’t like the way you are speaking to me and I won’t tolerate it’ is not how women have been raised.

We were taught to be polite, walk away quietly …. (and then spend the next week or so sobbing with frustration).

I will never walk away.

My ‘name and shame’ story posts reduced the number of X rated private messages to almost zero. If I had ignored them and hated myself for doing so, the problem would still exist.

There is no way I am going to feel guilty for receiving their inappropriate message or photo.

I’m so happy I exposed the messages in my stories. Women need to stop hiding inappropriate behaviour to save the embarrassment of the attacker, or it will never stop.

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Food inspiration

So many questions about food and inspiration for vegan meals after my post yesterday, so I’ve decided to post my meals on stories.

When people say ‘vegan food is shite’ they are really saying they don’t know how to prepare amazing, healthy and nutritious food. We were brought up with a portion of meat protein, some carbs – normally potatoes with a bit of veg on the side.

@behindthewoman asked a really good question yesterday – she said she’d tried a vegan diet but was ‘yearning for something solid’ and was living on stir fry and casseroles. She asked me if I had any suggestions to replace the star of the show on the plate such as a fish. For me, eating vegan has changed the game of meal prep. There is no longer a star of the show, with the veg on the side, the veg is the star but lots of them prepped in different ways.

I’ve travelled to South Korea many times. The one thing which surprised me, was they didn’t eat a plate of one meal. They have many little bowls of (mainly) vegetables prepped in different ways. They ate Kimchi with everything which is fermented cabbage. It was there I learned to build a plate of food with many different small dishes, a lot like Greek mezze.

Koreans asked me if it was true that we eat only one plate of the same food. The concept of eating a piece of grilled meat, with potatoes and a couple of veg was dull and boring to them. In fact, they couldn’t stop laughing about this.

I get most of my inspiration for food from my years of business travel. I booked cooking lessons with locals in their homes in my free time and have the most amazing memories of ingredients, people and the real taste of each city.

Which favourite food did you discover overseas?

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I don’t care.

I don’t care if you don’t like my decision to eat plants and not animals, or the milk meant for their babies. I was worried about the anti biotics, the growth hormones, the cholesterol and how it could affect my health.
I realised I’d spent my life being been kind to pets but not all animals.
You will never understand.
I know it’s right for me.

I don’t care if you don’t like my natural silver hair. I stopped applying chemicals to my skin as I worried about potential carcinogens and the risk to my health.
I know it’s right for me.

I don’t care if you don’t like me posting photos of my ageing 50+ face and body.
I know it’s right for me and the many women who have thanked me for doing so. My body is normal, ageing is normal.
My body works well for me.

I don’t care if you’re tired of hearing me defend the rights of immigrants, refugees, minorities, LGBT people, each and every skin colour – race and religion, women, children, plus anyone and everyone less fortunate than me. I will never stop defending them. I know it’s right for them.

I simply don’t care to listen to closed and opinionated people anymore. I’m done.

With age, I now know what I should really care about. It’s not the opinions of others who shout their biased views with their fingers in their ears, unable to listen… to be open, maybe even learn.

I never stop learning. I listen.

I make my own choices – I have the freedom to do so.

I worry not what others think of me. I cannot please everyone and neither should I try to.

I care for those who care deeply for me.

I care for this planet and all the creatures including humans who live here, so future generations may enjoy it too.

I care.