About FiftySister

50 was a turning point in my life, it started a journey of personal development. Having been a daughter, wife and mother, it was now time to focus on me. It was an opportunity to restart my life. I overhauled my; diet, fitness, lifestyle and outlook on life. Managing midlife is key. We plan for education, marriage and motherhood, but what about midlife and beyond? I studied how I could evolve and become the best version of me.
FiftySister is me – Gail, gliding through midlife full of energy and enthusiasm. I love; wearing colourful clothing, each and every shade of pink lipstick and rocking silver hair. I am English, 53, married with one son, currently living in the little village of Salir, Loulé, Algarve with my two Hungarian Vizsla – Ginger & Bird.
I am a professional chatterbox, embracing midlife, silver hair, ageing and all my wobbly bits. My passion is being outdoors, hiking, wild swimming, paddleboarding, running my blog and YouTube channel. I started my Instagram account after my son suggested I share with other women how I transformed my life age 50 and my passion for life. I never expected anyone else to be interested, but here I am 2 years later with over 70,000 followers.
I’ve recently made the switch to YouTube, as Instagram was becoming a monster to manage. I received 200-300 emails/messages every day, and it just became overwhelming. I will be posting photos occasionally on Instagram, but all my videos will be posted on YouTube.
I will be filming every aspect of my build and posting on my blog. It’s going to be a fun ride, so watch and follow to see if I manage to build my dream home on the hills above Loulé, Algarve, Portugal.


I receive many messages via DM on Instagram, asking for my help and advice. If I can help by sharing my own experience and thoughts I will – of course. But there are so many questions that I can’t help with, which I know other women can. So, I built a forum on my website specifically for midlife women. Ask a question, or answer a question, we are all in this together. Just sign up and create a username to start contributing to the forum. I am truly grateful to the many new subscribers who have joined in the past week. I will (in the future) be sending you discount codes and offers so repay you for your efforts.

T shirt store

I design and sell ethical and organic T shirts via my store. I care about how and where the cotton is grown, the price farmers are paid, which ink is used for the printing and even the choice of packaging is of the utmost importance in my supply chain. A truly ethical store, every step of the way. New designs coming soon! Check my store for latest arrivals.

Collaborations & sponsored posts - videos

I am currently looking for sponsors, so drop me a line if you want to work with me. hello@fiftysister.com

Building our house in the sun

You can follow our house build on Instagram and I will be documenting it on YouTube. Check back soon for more details when we start the build. You can  see the design of our house here: loulehills.com