Vegan sweetie surprise


Surprise gift of vegan sweeties / candies ? from the Vegan Sweet Factory

Thank you to @vegansweetsfactory for this amazing surprise gift of vegan sweeties! I never buy sweets / candies as I can’t find any good vegan options. But oh my goodness, these are mouth wateringly delicious. Be warned, those cherries are very sour!!! I can’t tell you how sour, it was quite a surprise. A mixed variety bag of sweet treats delivered to my door in a resealable bag.
This microphone is so sensitive, I sound like such a noisy eater ?

I’ve hidden them from myself as I can’t leave them alone. More walking later to walk off the flying saucers ??
Thanks again @vegansweetsfactory !!! ?

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How to make your white hair pop

I’ve cheated a little bit with my silver hair today to make my whites pop. Check out the IGTV I just posted to see how I did this using Coconut Kiss Dry Shampoo from @superdrug
I just found a stash of summer clothes hidden in a storage box! I’m so happy I found this dress again. A bargain from a local charity (thrift) store. £3 with the tag still attached. I do love a bargain.

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Top tip to make silver hair look thicker


Yesterday I posted about the thinning hair on my temples. I was inspired to share my tip by @isthistooyoungforme when she mentioned the use of coloured spray in her post, I wanted to share what I’ve been using to cover my whites. If I have this problem, I know others do too. It’s just a natural sign of ageing! I filmed a short IGTV this morning on how I boost my hair thickness and make my whites pop with a spritz of cruelty free dry shampoo from @superdrug. ?
Product from: @superdrug

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New Prada glasses

My new Prada glasses have arrived!

I’m super duper excited about these new Prada glasses. Last week my other pair of lovely Prada glasses snapped, and my spare pair fell apart so I’ve been struggling to see for a week. I posted on my Insta story about the sad tale of my specs. Luckily the lovely @mardi.girl dropped me a line telling me about discounted Prada reading glasses on eBay. I do love a bargain so headed straight over to check them out. I found them for the same price on Amazon so immediately ordered them.

They arrived today and I am smitten!! I’ve made an appointment with the optician to check my prescription and order the lenses. Then I will be able to see at last. I paid £100 for my frames, the same available on for $160 or less.

Prada glasses always suit me so I stay with the same brand. They are Italian and so happily fit my ample nose! I haven’t owned a pair of black glasses before but with my silver hair I think it’s the best colour choice for me. What do you think?

I found the same Prada frames on, so click here or on the image to find out the latest prices. More photos soon, once I get my lenses! Thanks again @mardi.girl x

My favorite eyeshadow palette from Kat von D

I use every colour in the palette depending on my mood.

Click here to check the latest prices from Amazon

I love Kat von D products as they are vegan and cruelty free. I bought this Lolita palette in the sale after Christmas and I have used it every day since.

In the photo above I am wearing Hermosura on my lids. It goes perfectly with my fave Kat von D lip tattoo.

I use the paler colours for daywear and the darker colour for evening. Since letting my natural silver hair shine through, pinks and purples are everywhere in my cosmetic bag and wardrobe.

The eyeshadow isn’t cheap, but I have been using it almost everyday this year and it still looks like new. I think it will last a very long time!

I try always to buy cruelty free products (it isnt always possible, as where I live there is no Amazon delivery service and my options are limited). It’s another way of lifting stress of my shoulders as I feel that by supporting vegan and cruelty free brands, other brands will see their market share drop and perhaps decide to make the change to stop animal testing and the use of animal biproducts.