Not easily offended

I received a very strange message from someone saying that they didn’t see any burns on my face and accused me lying. It’s true that I don’t have terrible clearly visible scars on my face, because after the accident I plunged my face and body into a cold bath within 2-3 minutes of the explosion. This action saved my skin from severe scarring. My whole face, neck, chest and arms were skinned, leaving me looking like a jacket potato. My skin is paper thin and prone to blistering very easily. Recently I was too close to the oven door and my left cheek instantly blistered as the skin is so delicate.

I need to tell you that I am not easily offended and I am never upset by anything anyone writes about me or to me.

I am sent photos of dead or dying animals by people who obviously hate vegans and spend their time sending these images hoping for a response. I spent a very long time researching the meat and dairy industry. I’ve seen the worst film and images inside slaughter houses and seen first hand wet markets in Asia. I have seen it all. It’s why I’m vegan. Their message is pointless.

These people have nothing better to do. It’s a pity they don’t put their efforts into something positive. It takes a lot to wipe the smile off my face.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed. Everyone is stressed at some point, the only difference is each person’s ability to manage the stress and the level that they can deal with. If you are struggling seek professional help or speak to a trusted friend or relative. Suffering in silence is not the solution. There is always hope and recovery is possible.

Mental health is so important. Take care of yourself, mind, body and soul.

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Me and my shadow

Drinking in the warm sunshine today. I am home alone and enjoying some relaxation.

It’s impossible to take a photo with Ginger around. She is my shadow and wants to be touching me everywhere I go. She is such a wonderful dog.

About 5 years ago she started pushing her nose into the left lower side of my belly. Like she was hunting for a mouse and sniffing really hard, intent on drawing my attention to this area. I ignored it and thought maybe it was perfume or a fragrance that she could smell.

She started doing it more often. Always in the same place.

One morning in bed (with a full bladder) I noticed the left side of my belly was higher than the right. I prodded my belly and found a large mass on the left side.

I had a tumour on my ovary which caused much stress and panic, but thankfully, after surgery and lab tests I was told it was benign.

I couldn’t take the photo I wanted today, but it didn’t matter as we had some lovely cuddles instead.

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We need to teach the men how to behave

I’ve received a few messages from lovely men recently, apologising for the freaky messages which other men send me. Also advice from men and women that I should just block the senders and ignore the message.

There are a few reasons I do repost the message.

Firstly, I want other women to know that they are not alone. Being the recipient of unwanted excited nudes, scares many women away from social media. You feel at fault for posting photos – that perhaps you encouraged this behaviour.

Secondly, I want parents to see what their daughters will be exposed to. Rather than scaring the girls away from a fun platform, we should prepare them for the inevitable X rated pics which will come their way.

Thirdly, these photos must not be the sender’s form of virtual entertainment. They must realise that they are sending them to real people, who will screenshot their message and share it with others.

When I was a child, I knew there were men in raincoats who flashed their giblets to unsuspecting women. When I saw a man (yes he was wearing a raincoat) I knew to carry on walking and ignore it. He wasn’t targeting me – I just happened to be walking by.

We need to educate boys that this behaviour is unacceptable, and the girls that they are not at fault.

When I post a bikini shot, the weirdos arrive and its tempting to delete the photo. But I also get a larger number of messages from women, thanking me for making midlife bodies visible and normal.

I created this account for the girls and women. It’s up to us to teach the boys how to behave.

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Real women over 40

Yesterday I mentioned that @thrivecausemetics will use me for one of their US TV campaigns. For me, when I see movie stars advertising cosmetics, I am disconnected from the image as their look is unattainable. I know that real women over 40 are looking for inspiration from ordinary women like me and so many other mature women here on Insta, who share their love of hair and makeup.

Over 40 women have the time to shop and disposable income. It’s time the cosmetics companies realised this.

The same goes for clothing and fashion accessories. I enjoy seeing women of all ages, shapes and sizes, smiling and enjoying being part of an industry which can bring happiness and joy to many women. Enabling them to dress the way they want to show their individuality.

I’m a little tired of seeing only very slim women looking miserable and grumpy whilst I’m browsing online stores.

Huge congratulations to @and.bloom who reached 100k followers today. Denise has an incredible channel with beautiful and creative shots of mature women and colourful flowers. She deserves her success. This is just the beginning. I know she will reach 1 million followers within a year and I can’t wait. She is showcasing mature beauty in a delightful way.

Celebrate your age and beauty. The older we get, the brighter we shine.

Have a beautiful weekend


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