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So many questions about food and inspiration for vegan meals after my post yesterday, so I’ve decided to post my meals on stories.

When people say ‘vegan food is shite’ they are really saying they don’t know how to prepare amazing, healthy and nutritious food. We were brought up with a portion of meat protein, some carbs – normally potatoes with a bit of veg on the side.

@behindthewoman asked a really good question yesterday – she said she’d tried a vegan diet but was ‘yearning for something solid’ and was living on stir fry and casseroles. She asked me if I had any suggestions to replace the star of the show on the plate such as a fish. For me, eating vegan has changed the game of meal prep. There is no longer a star of the show, with the veg on the side, the veg is the star but lots of them prepped in different ways.

I’ve travelled to South Korea many times. The one thing which surprised me, was they didn’t eat a plate of one meal. They have many little bowls of (mainly) vegetables prepped in different ways. They ate Kimchi with everything which is fermented cabbage. It was there I learned to build a plate of food with many different small dishes, a lot like Greek mezze.

Koreans asked me if it was true that we eat only one plate of the same food. The concept of eating a piece of grilled meat, with potatoes and a couple of veg was dull and boring to them. In fact, they couldn’t stop laughing about this.

I get most of my inspiration for food from my years of business travel. I booked cooking lessons with locals in their homes in my free time and have the most amazing memories of ingredients, people and the real taste of each city.

Which favourite food did you discover overseas?

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