Strong women

Strong women.

So many messages about this.

I posted on my stories about the gorgeous @msstarmonroe earlier today. She helps midlife women take control of their lives. She’s had a colourful life and continues to, in the many colours of the rainbow every day on Insta. We need to channel our inner Star. A woman who is confident, happy and determined to get the most out of life.

But I received messages from women of all ages. Young women asking for help.
No matter your age, this is your life and you deserve to be treated with respect. Not bullied, patronised, belittled, the victim of misogynism or any form of hatred. Know that we are all warrior women. Some are warriors in waiting. Waiting until they are ready to take charge of their lives.

@sailor_inthe_city posted earlier in the week about his support of feminism. I enjoy his channel immensely. He said that he wants a better world for his daughter.

I want a better world for all daughters. One where they can feel safe and valued.

Recently I heard a question posed to both men and women: ‘What are you most afraid of from the opposite sex?’
Men answered ‘to be made a fool of’
Women answered ‘to be killed’

You can kill someone emotionally and mentally with a lack of respect, aggression or misuse of power.

Women have the power to take charge and survive. It’s within us, we are strong. We need to help other women find their voice.

I do not hate men, I adore men. My best friends are men. Good men.

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