Be careful how much you tolerate

I briefly glanced at my phone yesterday to see these words on a post.‘Be careful how much you tolerate, as you are teaching people how to treat you’

I know many women feel they are walked over, belittled, undervalued, used and abused.

I’m not afraid of confrontation. I would rather defend myself and stand my ground than spend the next week replaying the situation or conversation, and how I should have handled it – spoken out and defended myself.

If men are strong they are referred to as ‘powerful’. If women are strong, we are referred to as ‘bitches’. Although I’ve never had a problem with the word ‘bitch’. Female dogs are incredibly affectionate but fiercely protective.

Standing up for what you believe in or calmly telling someone ‘I don’t like the way you are speaking to me and I won’t tolerate it’ is not how women have been raised.

We were taught to be polite, walk away quietly …. (and then spend the next week or so sobbing with frustration).

I will never walk away.

My ‘name and shame’ story posts reduced the number of X rated private messages to almost zero. If I had ignored them and hated myself for doing so, the problem would still exist.

There is no way I am going to feel guilty for receiving their inappropriate message or photo.

I’m so happy I exposed the messages in my stories. Women need to stop hiding inappropriate behaviour to save the embarrassment of the attacker, or it will never stop.

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