Kettlebell workout at home.

Kettlebell workout at home.

This is my favourite exercise in my kettlebell workout. I only have 3 pieces of gym equipment; my weighted jump rope (info here) , 8kg kettlebell and my skateboard – which I will tell you more about another day. I will share more kettlebell exercises, but this one is a great full body workout. Start off with a smaller kettlebell until you are comfortable swinging it around. You could use a bag of sugar or flour to start with, but be careful as things could get messy quickly!

Start off slowly. The first day doing this exercise I only did 20 seconds. I now do this exercise for 1 minute 3 times in my workout. My shoulders are much stronger and I’m happier to have them on display in the summer – which is a bonus!

Keeping it real.

Yes I have a jelly belly and I’m still squidgy (as many people like to point out) but I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and this gives me more confidence. I don’t wear makeup or fancy gymwear because I like to keep my channel real. I get out of bed and head for my spare room to work out. My shorts help to keep my jiggly belly in place when I’m jumping. I hope this helps give you a little motivation to move more each day. Small steps add up to big changes over time.

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