Fishless fingers & crispy kale, a budget friendly meal idea.

Today I’m cooking my favourite fishless fingers and crispy kale, so I thought you may like to follow along. It took my husband a very long time to even try tofu as ‘everyone knows it tastes like sh*t’ he said. I’m inclined to agree that restaurants have no idea how or the slightest motivation to produce tasty tofu dishes. When I visited Taiwan about 15 years ago, I realised what I’d been missing out on. Each day the locals would cycle to collect their fresh tofu and soya milk. It was simply delicious and that’s why I make my own milk at home to enjoy this protein packed plant milk without all the additives and preservatives.

Fishless fingers or meatless Schnitzel, tofu works well.

Tofu tastes of absolutely nothing, a lot like chicken. It will take on the flavour of any spices added to it which makes it a very versatile ingredient. The beans are cheap and if you subscribe to my channel you will be able to see all the amazing ways to use this cheeky little bean.

Tofu is a great option for budget friendly, vegan family meals.

I get lots of comments from people telling me that vegan food is expensive, and this always puzzles me. The block of tofu I’m using in this meal is just over $2/€2, which I think is cheap as a protein source for a family meal. I served it with crispy kale, steamed broccoli, stir fried veg (carrots, green beans, onion and sweet red pepper). I could talk about tofu all day, stay tuned for more recipes and chitchat.

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