My little slice of Devon

This morning it was raining, I looked out of the window and decided that no matter what the weather I was going to have a great morning and an epic start to the day. I headed over to the cove to swim with Ginger & Bird. Swipe left to see my girls swimming along side me. I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful place but it’s not by chance.

I bought a holiday home here over 20 years ago, and after spending many weekends here, dashing up and down the motorway each weekend, I made the decision to move here permanently.

I then moved to Portugal in 2018 with the intention of staying there for a very long time – maybe for the rest of my life. The chance to wake up to clear blue skies over 300 days per year was so tempting. But I missed; my beautiful little cove, fresh cool air, the coast path, the sound of the wind whistling through the mast and ropes of the yachts on the marina during a storm, the smell of the sea, watching the sea birds, seals and dolphins, drinking cider (lots of cider!), walking in the rain and sitting by an open fire after a chilly swim. I missed it all.

Ask me what I miss about Portugal and I will struggle to give you an answer. Truly the only thing I miss is all the wonderful friends who made my stay there special…. and maybe watching the sunset every night, sitting with a glass of wine by the millpond with swallows, swifts and house martins swooping down for a drink on the wing.

But nowhere on earth beats my little slice of Devon.

Where would you live if you had the choice of anywhere on earth?


In my natural habitat

I’m in my natural habitat today – down by the sea with Ginger and Bird. We saw dolphins, seals and plenty of sea birds. Sadly we also saw discarded beer bottles, disposable BBQ’s, coke cans, snack wrappers and empty cigarette boxes, thrown all over our lovely little viewing point we visit each day to take in the view and chill for a while. I attempted to collect it all but it was completely overwhelming. I will return later tonight with a bigger garbage bag to collect it from the rocks and shoreline.

We also saw kayakers getting up close with the seals which of course is a terrible idea as some of the seals are having pups at the moment and will abandon their young if disturbed too often. I headed on home in a terrible mood after seeing complete disregard for this beautiful area. I am not completely blaming visitors, as I know a lot of local teenagers will meet up, eat, drink and leave all the cartons for the litter fairy to collect on their behalf.

Anyway, enough of the grumping!

My hair!! One of my favourite subjects as you know! A couple of days ago I started leaving my hair to air dry after my sea swim. My hair dries a perfect shade of silver and has an incredible natural wave which is a complete surprise to me. So many people asking me which products I’ve started using, but the answer is none at all. I shall continue to cleanse it with sea water and leave it to dry naturally. I love the messy style too – so thank you for all the lovely messages about my new tousled hairstyle.

Apologies for the stories from the children’s park last night. I headed there after a large glass of rhubarb and ginger gin and found the visit funnier than ever! In case you missed it I will add one of the stories here for your entertainment. I use the zip wire each night after dark, Bird chases me and (gently) bites my legs. I never get tired of this nightly ritual, it makes me laugh every time and it sets me up for a good night’s sleep.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


Cruelty Free beauty

I have lovely wavey, salty, air dried, hair today. I don’t know why I don’t do this more often as it’s zero effort!

I had the best swim this morning. Swipe left to see Ginger and Bird enjoying a dip with me at 7am after a hike along the coast path.

Cruelty free beauty is very important to me. If you’ve ever accidentally got sunscreen in your eyes you will know how painful it is. Can you imagine having lotions and potions put in your eyes deliberately..? I can’t think of a worse torture to inflict on other sentient beings – which we consider our friends.

About 5 years ago I decided to investigate vegan diets which lead me on a path to not only a a pure fruit and veg plant based diet, but a cruelty free lifestyle.

After changing my diet completely, cruelty free beauty was the next step. I wanted to stop being part of the corporate marketing and sales machine, selling products which required pain and suffering to be inflicted on animals. I realised that I had been a lover of pets and not of all animals.

There are now so many cruelty free brands with amazing products which perform the same as high end expensive products.

A diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans has transformed my health, hair, skin and nails. I have never felt better… and knowing that I no longer cause pain or death to animals in my quest to look a little better is satisfying and good for my soul.

Have you made the switch yet?

T shirt: My own design – buy here:

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Talking about stress

We’ve been talking a lot about stress in our home lately, and how to manage it.

When I was younger I would fret each night as I rested my very weary head on the pillow, only to lay there restless for several hours whilst I went through everything which had bothered me that day.

Of course it was too late to retake the day or edit how it could have played out. The day and moment had gone.

I spent a lot of time preparing myself for situations which never happened.

I read a little sign once, which read: ‘Worrying must work because everything I worry about never happens’. So true.

I’ve learned to switch off. Power down. It works. I sleep well.

Downsizing my life and living with less,a minimal lifestyle, has brought me peace and great joy. I have so much time now to do the things I love and to be creative. Something which was lacking when I was chasing sports cars and job titles.

Walking is my meditation. Swimming or floating in the sea is my ultimate perfect therapy to calm myself. Although Mr Seal does make it a little bit stressful when his smiling sharp teeth make an appearance!

Many worry about ageing, wrinkles, silver hair, sagging skin and laughter lines. I’ve embraced them all and I’m at peace with the process. After all, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to experience the older more crinkly version of me.

The alternative is less appealing.

How do you cope with stress?

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Rubbish London

The last week or so the amount of rubbish I have collected has increased dramatically. With so many visitors to our small town, it’s impossible to to keep up with the amount of rubbish discarded on the beach, in the woods and along the coast path.

I’m not alone in my quest to keep the area looking pristine. I returned early on Friday morning to collect a considerable amount of bottles and cans which I’d noticed but couldn’t carry late on Friday night, behind Churston beach. I set off with a large bin bag only to find someone had beaten me to it. We do have some fantastic people living in our community who pick up litter each and every day.

A secret army of helpers, quietly collecting discarded garbage.

I hate rubbish and I really hate waste.

This amazing T shirt is made from waste… how cool is that???

The rise and popularity of fast fashion with mass produced cheap clothing has created a throw away culture which is unsustainable. Billions of tons of unwanted clothing go to landfill each year and it’s estimated that 95% of this could be recycled.

@rubbishlondonbrand was founded by a group of experienced Fashion creatives, passionate about the environment.They set out to create a brand that reflects a desire for change within the fashion industry. The garments are made from 100% recycled materials.

And as you know …. I do love a good T shirt!

T shirt: @rubbishlondonbrand
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