Talking about stress

We’ve been talking a lot about stress in our home lately, and how to manage it.

When I was younger I would fret each night as I rested my very weary head on the pillow, only to lay there restless for several hours whilst I went through everything which had bothered me that day.

Of course it was too late to retake the day or edit how it could have played out. The day and moment had gone.

I spent a lot of time preparing myself for situations which never happened.

I read a little sign once, which read: ‘Worrying must work because everything I worry about never happens’. So true.

I’ve learned to switch off. Power down. It works. I sleep well.

Downsizing my life and living with less,a minimal lifestyle, has brought me peace and great joy. I have so much time now to do the things I love and to be creative. Something which was lacking when I was chasing sports cars and job titles.

Walking is my meditation. Swimming or floating in the sea is my ultimate perfect therapy to calm myself. Although Mr Seal does make it a little bit stressful when his smiling sharp teeth make an appearance!

Many worry about ageing, wrinkles, silver hair, sagging skin and laughter lines. I’ve embraced them all and I’m at peace with the process. After all, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to experience the older more crinkly version of me.

The alternative is less appealing.

How do you cope with stress?

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