In my natural habitat

I’m in my natural habitat today – down by the sea with Ginger and Bird. We saw dolphins, seals and plenty of sea birds. Sadly we also saw discarded beer bottles, disposable BBQ’s, coke cans, snack wrappers and empty cigarette boxes, thrown all over our lovely little viewing point we visit each day to take in the view and chill for a while. I attempted to collect it all but it was completely overwhelming. I will return later tonight with a bigger garbage bag to collect it from the rocks and shoreline.

We also saw kayakers getting up close with the seals which of course is a terrible idea as some of the seals are having pups at the moment and will abandon their young if disturbed too often. I headed on home in a terrible mood after seeing complete disregard for this beautiful area. I am not completely blaming visitors, as I know a lot of local teenagers will meet up, eat, drink and leave all the cartons for the litter fairy to collect on their behalf.

Anyway, enough of the grumping!

My hair!! One of my favourite subjects as you know! A couple of days ago I started leaving my hair to air dry after my sea swim. My hair dries a perfect shade of silver and has an incredible natural wave which is a complete surprise to me. So many people asking me which products I’ve started using, but the answer is none at all. I shall continue to cleanse it with sea water and leave it to dry naturally. I love the messy style too – so thank you for all the lovely messages about my new tousled hairstyle.

Apologies for the stories from the children’s park last night. I headed there after a large glass of rhubarb and ginger gin and found the visit funnier than ever! In case you missed it I will add one of the stories here for your entertainment. I use the zip wire each night after dark, Bird chases me and (gently) bites my legs. I never get tired of this nightly ritual, it makes me laugh every time and it sets me up for a good night’s sleep.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!