Rubbish London

The last week or so the amount of rubbish I have collected has increased dramatically. With so many visitors to our small town, it’s impossible to to keep up with the amount of rubbish discarded on the beach, in the woods and along the coast path.

I’m not alone in my quest to keep the area looking pristine. I returned early on Friday morning to collect a considerable amount of bottles and cans which I’d noticed but couldn’t carry late on Friday night, behind Churston beach. I set off with a large bin bag only to find someone had beaten me to it. We do have some fantastic people living in our community who pick up litter each and every day.

A secret army of helpers, quietly collecting discarded garbage.

I hate rubbish and I really hate waste.

This amazing T shirt is made from waste… how cool is that???

The rise and popularity of fast fashion with mass produced cheap clothing has created a throw away culture which is unsustainable. Billions of tons of unwanted clothing go to landfill each year and it’s estimated that 95% of this could be recycled.

@rubbishlondonbrand was founded by a group of experienced Fashion creatives, passionate about the environment.They set out to create a brand that reflects a desire for change within the fashion industry. The garments are made from 100% recycled materials.

And as you know …. I do love a good T shirt!

T shirt: @rubbishlondonbrand
Lipstick: ‘Paige’ @thrivecausemetics

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