Your kingdom is you

‘We have been led by directors and presidents and kings and queens for a long time, but the crowns belong to us. We are all kings and queens, and we should behave like it. We should be proud. Your kingdom, of course, is you, yourself. There is no castle. You are the castle. The universe is contained within you, and you are capable of doing extraordinary things’.

– Wim Hof. Extreme athlete.

I’ve just finished reading ‘The Wim Hof method’ by author and extreme athlete Wim Hof.

I didn’t read it to become an athlete, I read it to control my anxiety. We all have stress. My mother has stress if she has nothing to worry about! I want and need to control it.

In the past I have just accepted stress and carried on regardless. Which of course leads to burn out or illness or both. But I’m sure there is a better way.

We are so disconnected from nature and on autopilot most of the time, that we don’t take the time to rest and reset our over stimulated brains. I need to find something that can help me each day, prevent the stirring anxiety deep in my belly from slowly choking me.

Walking helps, but as I walk alone I have lots of time to think. The swimming and cold water helps the most, as it focuses my mind to the present situation and gives me a tremendous boost of energy.

I’m going to add breathing exercises to my daily routine. First thing in the morning, and any time I’m feeling that flutter of anxiety taking flight deep within my core.

With no alcohol or caffeine, a raw vegan diet and breathing exercises, I should be capable of performing miracles by the end of January!

I am an extremely happy, positive and energetic person. I don’t suffer with depression and rarely (if ever!) feel down. I’m unsure whether it’s anxiety or just pure excitement for life, as I have nothing to worry about. But either way I need to find a way to calm my brain. It’s on fire most of the time and it needs a rest!

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