Feel the healing

‘Suddenly your consciousness syncs with your biochemistry and you can naturally address what ails you – anxiety, fear, depression, what have you. With the flow of blood delivering oxygen and nutrients into the deepest parts of your brain, you feel stillness, you feel pure energy, you feel the true power of your mind. That’s the way we should feel every day, and we can – not only be happy,strong, and healthy, but imbued with purpose and a sense of adventure. Your soul comes alive. That’s what the cold water does. It teaches you not only how to survive, but thrive. It’s all within your control’. Wim Hof – Extreme athlete.

A short excerpt from Wim Hof’s book I’m reading. It’s true that the cold water of the ocean has magical powers. I’m drawn to the siren’s call and cannot fight the urge to bathe in the cold saline tranquility.

Lots of people ask me if the water is cold, and if I shiver. I don’t think about the temperature of the water as I enter. I only think about how amazing it feels to be gently held by the water. A tingling sensation, like little electric shocks all over my skin for just a few minutes as my body adjusts to the change in temperature. And then, I am happy…absolute bliss.

The cold water bathes my soul and energises my body. I don’t feel the temperature, I only feel the healing.

Reluctantly, I leave the water to hike home. I’m buzzing with energy and fuelled with happiness for the day ahead.

It’s addictive.

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