Stressed and depressed to utter bliss and inner peace.

What would I tell that stressed out version of me?

If I could go back to that version of myself in 2021, stressed, depressed and drinking too much, and carrying extra weight, I would tell her to slow down, relax, and start practising self-care.

Nourish & move.

Don’t restrict calories, don’t weigh yourself, just focus on eating lots of plants; fresh veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and beans. Exercise is going to be hard, but it’s worth it for a whole night of solid 8 hours of sleep. I’m not sure the exercise gets easier, especially skipping, but you do get quicker. If you want to know more about how I got started with jumprope, click here.

Never give up.

I’m really glad I didn’t give up, so I’d tell her not to give up – no matter what. My motivation to increase my strength and improve my stamina is to avoid becoming a burden to my husband or son. Exercising creates new connections in the brain which helps prevent cognitive decline.

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