The elusive rule book.

Rule book.

The rule book is detailed, for every aspect of your being, but nobody can show you, it’s for reciting not for seeing.

Humans are strange creatures, we all want to live a very long life, but nobody looks forward to ageing, it’s a crime to not look 10 years younger or to go grey gets people raging.

Each silver strand makes up a glittering crown – from my grandmother, a hand me down. Her silky waves ran through my fingers, each time I brush my own hair, that memory lingers.  Invisibility is a word we hear often, but invisible to who? We are mostly invisible to ourselves, you are invisible to you.

Corporations spend millions of dollars telling us that we shouldn’t look our age, no longer in the limelight, you will be better off backstage. Anti ageing propaganda with how to look younger tips, chemically tweaked faces, laminated eyebrows, botox, fillers boosted lips. Ageing is a swear word, being youthful is the goal, more surgery with plastic, nobody cares about your soul. Take this pill, buy this book or sign up to this course, apply this cream at bed time and use your GuaSha stone with force. I’m getting older, and a lot more wise, I’ve seen though all of those marketing lies. We buy in to the hype, and their wallets fill, I know now there’s no magical pill. Brainwashed from an early age that ageing is bad, I’m no longer fighting, I’m no longer sad.

We cannot compare to those glossy magazine covers, photoshop has banished wrinkles from the faces of others. It’s all our fault, or so it seems, so they can sell lotions potions, creams and false dreams. Your skirt is too short, your hair is too long, part your hair in the middle, to the side is so wrong. Suck in your belly, put on your control briefs. Lift up your boobs, put blush higher on your cheeks.

The 50+ demographic has money and time, but companies don’t want to show anyone who’s ageing authentically, with a face like mine. Don’t waste time worrying about ageing, not even one minute, you will find freedom and more time to enjoy life without a self imposed limit.

Getting back in shape isn’t as difficult as it seems, less chocolate and junk food, more veggies especially greens. I just need to move a little more and eat a little less, to keep myself trim and fit into my little black dress.

I see beauty in those wrinkles, the memories deeply etched in the laughter lines around my face, because thank goodness, only happiness not sadness only leaves a trace. We have laughter and good times, the sad and the bad,  but counting all my many wrinkles I know that I’ve had, a life well lived with many happy days, and I’m so very blessed to still be growing in many different ways.

More wrinkles please.

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