My head is spinning

Here is another beaut of a lipstick from @muacosmetics called ‘Hush’ How perfect is this??? I really thought I wouldn’t like this shade, but straight away my husband said he loved this look on me, especially with this blouse from @massimodutti – (past season).

I’m wearing their ‘Eye Define’ soft tip felt liner which is just superb – such a good purchase!

Yesterday I went for a 2 hour hike along the coast path before Seb joined me and convinced me to do another 3 hours. The dogs were incredibly happy, but I was so thirsty (I had considered a drink from the sheep trough, but thought better of it when I saw lumps of green blanket weed and dead leaves floating on the top) when I arrived home. My friend had arrived early for supper with us so I ran around the kitchen at lightning speed to prep food for the 4 of us. I don’t normally drink midweek, but a Gin and Tonic or two were needed to speed the food along.

I’ve got so much going on at the moment my head is spinning. Here’s a few things I am working on:

Christmas Hoodie & sweatshirt collection for + advertising etc
Designing a new kitchen for my cottage, buying all electrical items and fixtures and fittings.
Updating my website – Wow! – I am behind with this.
New looks for this feed. Planning ahead.
Responding to companies who want to work with me. More ‘No’ than ‘yes’ as not vegan friendly or cruelty free.
Building my home in Portugal (its on, its off, its on again!) updating the website for the build. Getting quotations for the construction.
Contract negotiations, accounting and head hunting assignments for our business, also updating the website.
Researching vegan cosmetics. I want to launch my own line of lipsticks, but hating how much plastic is involved – a bit depressing and concerning.
Partnering with a prize draw business to raise money for women’s causes and giveaway luxury goods for the winners.

… and I also need time for hiking!

Have a beautiful weekend! What have you got planned? Anything exciting?

Much love x

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