What rules?

Let’s start with this perfect lipstick. ‘Desire’ by @muacosmetics

I’ve used a lot of @venicsorganic highlighter for this shot to get good light reflection but it’s really too much for normal daytime use.

I photographed it first wearing a floral dress but it needed a crisp white shirt to contrast this luscious deep purple.

I get messages from women telling me that I am doing my makeup wrong, that I’m ‘breaking the rules’.

What rules???!!!! Says who?

Wear what you want, paint your face how you like it, dance in the rain in your knickers and just be who you want to be.

There are no rules.

Don’t set boundary’s for your own creativity and enjoyment. Not everyone is going to like your choice of;makeup, clothing, spouse, house or occupation.

Your life is completely yours, to use and abuse how you choose (no I haven’t been on the wine but that did rhyme rather nicely).

People need to stop enforcing mythical limitations on others.

Rule your own life, your body is your kingdom and you are the queen!

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