Beauty & happiness comes from within

Many women ask for my beauty routine, but I am very hesitant to share this. So many of us want a magic pill or potion to look and feel better, but I can’t give you that. I can tell you that since switching to a vegan lifestyle 6 years ago, (which of course meant dropping dairy from my diet which had been present in every meal), my hair, skin and nails improved dramatically and my energy levels soared.

I promote cruelty free (CF) products because it’s incredibly important to me. When I started researching; veganism, the meat industry, animal testing and then the wider use of animal products, I stumbled upon some nasty information and images I simply couldn’t unsee.

My two Vizsla girls have beautiful amber eyes, crystal clear and sparkling bright. I could not imagine putting products in their eyes and watching them suffer, nor can I imagine them as food. This is why buying CF beauty products is so important.

CF products perform the same without the pain!

Then, if you are an animal lover and not just a lover of pets, it’s easy to remove any animal cruelty from your life. It’s an uplifting experience. I didn’t realise how heavy the burden of animal agriculture and abuse weighed on me, until I was no longer part of it.

For me, it doesn’t matter what you slather on the outside, beauty and happiness comes from within. I feel so much happier and more beautiful (both physically and spiritually) since making the change. I have seen so many vegan men and women looking vibrant and healthy in their 80’s, go check out @mimikirk_youngonrawfood and you will see what I mean – she is incredible and inspired me on my journey 6 years ago.

Have you or could you make the change?

Lipstick ‘Dash’ from @muacosmetics

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