Fisherman Chic for the week

It’s going to be fisherman chic again this week as we have lots more lovely (I may as well embrace it as it’s here to stay) rain forecast. Yesterday I headed out to the small town of Ashburton with Katie, Emily and her boys, 5 Vizsla and the Scrat Pack (Katie’s dogs) to explore the countryside of south east Dartmoor. Of course it rained, but it didn’t matter as we chatted and laughed through woodland, moorland, up hill and down.

Emily, Katie and I decided to try out a rope swing we found in a tree. The two boys didn’t seem half as keen as us three – in our 20’s, 30’s and 50’s!

We washed the mud off the dogs using a fantastic little portable shower that I keep in the car, put on their drying coats and popped them inside their cosy crates for a short while, so we could head to the ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ pub for a snack and a pint of cider.

I discovered there are some fabulous little independent shops in Ashburton, so will pop back soon for a stroll around to take some photos and maybe have some tea and cake.
Several people contacted me about the Fifty Sister T Shirt I was wearing in my story on Saturday, so I will sort out making it available online so that I can use some of the profits to help others. I will post a photo and a link as soon as I can – thank you for your support…as always! x

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