New life after 50

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Why do I take so many selfies? Well, it’s like I woke up one morning and had time for …….me! With an empty nest and a downsized life I have a lot more time. Free time was lacking in my life until I hit 50. When asked what my hobbies were up until this point, I would always answer ‘sleep!’. Hitting 50 for many is not a high point in their life, but I was euphoric the moment I hit 50. Given that there are so many ways to die (and having avoided all those) I triumphantly arrived at my 50th birthday, and it was quite a revelation!

I expected to feel old and haggard, wearing crimplene stretchy dresses, shuffling about in Hush Puppy flat shoes and wearing fogey specs. But (much to my relief) I discovered quite the opposite!
There’s a gap of 10 years in my photo album between the age of 35 and 45 when I looked and felt dreadful. So I’m making up for the lack of photos during that period with daily photos of my ageing face. It will be interesting to see me ageing in my Insta history as I continue to post in years to come.
I feel it’s like taking photos of a baby. It’s a new life, and that’s me, starting a new life after 50.
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Who else feels almost reborn after hitting 50?
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List of makeup for mature skin used for this post:

Elf oil free foundation

Elf bronzer

Elf Blusher

Elf Brow Pencil

Elf Mascara

Elf eyeshadow

Elf Lip gloss

Elf jelly highlighter