Finding my style in my 50’s & shopping local

Hello and thank you for watching my video today. I am doing something I love and I’m so happy that you checked out my page.

Finding my style.

It’s easy to get bewildered with style choices over the age of 40, and finding my style took a while. I buy everything locally in Algarve to support small business whenever possible. My head turban is from a lovely lady on Faro (Algarve Portugal) craft market (by the marina on a Sunday). My necklace and earrings are from Wallace, also on the craft market. He sells jewellery from Brazil and South America.

You can find Nikki, her lovely hats and her small business on my website by clicking here. I definitely struggled for a while finding my own style. I couldn’t find one that matched my vibe, so I just created my own. Basing my decisions on if my clothes made me happy.

Wear a turban, hat or flower in your hair, do anything and everything which brings you joy. Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube to help me keep all my information and content free for all. Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful day.

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