A wonderful visit to Totnes

I feel totally revitalised after visiting the market town of Totnes on Friday for the first time since lockdown restrictions were lifted. It was so nice to wander around the market and to eat amazing vegan food at my favourite veggie cafe – Seeds.

Totnes is the centre of the hippy/ alternative fashion universe. You want to wear a pink tutu and orange wellies with dreadlocks and a full face of glitter? You will fit right in!

I’m off there again tomorrow as I can’t stay away from all the vegan treats on offer, the cherry shortbread has been on my mind since scoffing a piece in the car on the way home.

My face is a bit puffy again today – I call it ‘gin face’ but to be honest, it makes my wrinkles less obvious so I’m not complaining.

Can’t stop thinking about food today. Seb helped me make the most amazing vegan shawarma for lunch today. So good we all scored it 10/10 which is a rarity.

Thought I’d spend the afternoon chilling but have decided to makeover my small terrace, so crowbars at the ready first thing tomorrow as I’m on a mission for demolition.

I’m feeling a little left out of the hair salon appointment rush at the moment. I don’t go anymore, just me, the scissors and lots of extra pennies in my purse. Which means lots more cherry shortbread for me.