Finding solitude

Hiking is hard going where I live, so many hills! Hiking the South West Coast Path every day keeps me (relatively) sane.

It’s sometimes difficult to find solitude when you live in a vacation destination, but if you are prepared for some climbing, slightly dangerous steep drops and don’t mind getting your feet wet, there are a few quiet spots available to watch the sun set or enjoy some quiet time.

I’ve taken to wearing leggings for my evening walks, so many biting insects in the woods feasting on me if I forget to apply my insect repellent. These are from @bamboo_clothing and I absolutely love this design, the fabric is super stretchy and very comfortable.

How lucky was I to capture the moment Ginger & Bird both looked in the same direction as me…?!? I have a new tripod which is a game changer, such a good purchase.

My belly looked better in other shots, but then I remembered this is my belly and even though it doesn’t look that great, it does a great job keeping me alive.

I follow other hikers and enjoy seeing all the different scenery, check out @the_fashionable_hiker to see some stunning scenery in northern England.

More hiking and litter picking today – it’s never ending! I know some people have been inspired to start collecting trash on their walks – it becomes a little bit addictive, and for the moment, there is (sadly) a never ending supply.

Have a perfect weekend.
Gail x

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