New poncho!

Some people get excited about handbags, but I’m very excited about my new poncho! I’d been on the lookout for a completely waterproof poncho for months. I had a cheap red one, which made me look like a bargain basement Santa, that I used regularly in torrential rain, but it’s too large for my 6’2” husband, so it completely swamped me.

This one is from Their Instagram was hacked so check them out directly on their store. They have 20% off at the moment.

The reason I wanted a poncho was to keep my legs dry. I really don’t like wearing waterproof trousers (sweaty!), I prefer to wear leggings, so a poncho is perfect.

Totally over the top with my red lippy, but I went for a walk after my tartan dress photo yesterday. Very last minute, to hike a circular route around Man Sands at sunset.

Walking is my therapy. If I don’t get out and about, I can feel a tight sensation in my belly, which creeps and crawls upwards, until I have to head out to stop it’s progress. It’s like a slow suffocation, crushing my core. This happens every day, so hiking has become a necessity. I haven’t found any other way of soothing this sensation, only physical exertion (or exhaustion!) can remedy it.

Does anyone else feel this too? Maybe it’s anxiety… but fresh air and steep hills fixes it every time.

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Over 50k followers

Wow!! What can I say..? over 50k followers!

Midlife is full of surprises.

Before I hit my fifties, I felt I had a value as a mother and a top performing employee. At the same time my son left home, I left my job to work for myself. Suddenly those values disappeared, and I was left a little bit lost, wondering if I would ever feel valued again.

Of course, when you run your own business, you can see the money and results – all earned with your hard work and effort. But there’s nobody to compare yourself to or compete with (I’m very competitive – but only in business when results matter). Everything is down to you alone. No one was relying on me, or expecting anything of me.

Having had huge multi million dollar targets all my working life, suddenly I had no mortgage and nobody breathing down my neck, squeezing me for every last drop of revenue.

That’s why I felt lost.

The number of followers was not my goal, it was to find a tribe of like minded women. Hitting 50k followers, (a crazy high number I never expected to reach) has made me feel valued again. I never expected or considered that could or would happen.

As a middle aged women I expected to be invisible and on the side lines. Not trail blazing a positive ageing moment with other midlife warriors.

We all deserve to feel valued. Whether as a; mother, wife, friend, employee or online warrior. I hope you find your niche or groove and the visibility you deserve age 40, 50 and beyond.

Much love to you all


Lipstick ‘Stiletto’ @revolutionpro

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Goodbye mince pies

Well FiftyMister was popular yesterday! Thank you for all the lovely (and some funny) comments. Maybe I will post his face again, but he’s a reluctant model as he hates having his photo taken.

I just couldn’t wait to begin the raw food adventure, so I’ve started testing out recipes already. I’m even thinking about a raw Christmas dinner for me (husband freaked out when he thought that was the only option on the menu! ?) but I shall be making a vegan roast anyway for the guys.

I weighed myself today. Even though it is not my desire or intention to lose weight, I am interested to see what difference eating whole food raw makes to my weight – if anything. My weight has slowly climbed over the past couple of years and I’ve gained 14lbs/6.3 kilos. But I’m also fitter so the number on the dial isn’t that important.

The other day I mentioned that I was limiting my mince pie intake (which is now zero), and I received a message telling me not to encourage women to diet or limit their intake of food – that I shouldn’t support the diet culture. I’m not suggesting anyone else limit what they eat, I just know that I need to. As someone who gains weight easily, and hates how tight my clothes become (which makes me crazy!) I ensure I eat more of the good stuff and limit the junk/sweet treats.

My juicer arrived today. I always use to make dog treats with the pulp, which I shall do again, but when my dehydrator arrives I shall be making human treats too.

I don’t read the news but I know that this new lockdown situation has got everyone stressed. I’m focusing on learning new kitchen skills and keeping myself busy, so I don’t have time to think about it.

It’s important to keep smiling and remain positive. Not matter how impossible the situation appears.

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Something a little different today! This is the real FiftyMister… my husband. He doesn’t like social media, so I doubt he will find out I’ve shared this for weeks, if not months.

We met when I was 16 (Yes, that’s a very long time ago!). We dated for 3 years and then married just before my 20th birthday. Like all couples we’ve had our ups and downs, highs and lows, but we’ve made it through 36 years, almost unscathed – mostly due to the lack of weaponry available to me.

He hates vegetables, always has, always will. He won’t be joining me on my raw vegan journey, as there’s no way I can disguise the veg beyond recognition. But he has switched to meat and dairy alternatives, and he says he’s never felt better. He had his blood work done a couple of years ago and the doctor asked him for diet advice as his results were so impressive.

I couldn’t sleep last night for two reasons. Firstly I am excited beyond words for raw vegan January. I spent this morning sorting my seed and spice cupboard and writing a list in preparation for my raw adventure.

Secondly, Seb started discussing animal agriculture with me at midnight, with questions about veal production and dairy farming. Needless to say, it stirred up lots of emotions which infiltrated my dreams. I awoke several times with my brain’s own versions of films and videos I’d seen whilst researching veganism playing on repeat. It’s good to remind myself why I started my vegan journey, but I wish I could stop the horrors from infiltrating my dreams.

Mimi’s books arrived today, so I will be filling my head with zucchini noodles and dehydrated crackers before I hit the pillow tonight. Maybe I can dream up some recipes instead.

I bought a dehydrator and a juicer yesterday, so now I have no excuse to miss out any of the recipes.

Thank you for all the wonderful messages of encouragement, I will endeavour to answer them all.

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