Something a little different today! This is the real FiftyMister… my husband. He doesn’t like social media, so I doubt he will find out I’ve shared this for weeks, if not months.

We met when I was 16 (Yes, that’s a very long time ago!). We dated for 3 years and then married just before my 20th birthday. Like all couples we’ve had our ups and downs, highs and lows, but we’ve made it through 36 years, almost unscathed – mostly due to the lack of weaponry available to me.

He hates vegetables, always has, always will. He won’t be joining me on my raw vegan journey, as there’s no way I can disguise the veg beyond recognition. But he has switched to meat and dairy alternatives, and he says he’s never felt better. He had his blood work done a couple of years ago and the doctor asked him for diet advice as his results were so impressive.

I couldn’t sleep last night for two reasons. Firstly I am excited beyond words for raw vegan January. I spent this morning sorting my seed and spice cupboard and writing a list in preparation for my raw adventure.

Secondly, Seb started discussing animal agriculture with me at midnight, with questions about veal production and dairy farming. Needless to say, it stirred up lots of emotions which infiltrated my dreams. I awoke several times with my brain’s own versions of films and videos I’d seen whilst researching veganism playing on repeat. It’s good to remind myself why I started my vegan journey, but I wish I could stop the horrors from infiltrating my dreams.

Mimi’s books arrived today, so I will be filling my head with zucchini noodles and dehydrated crackers before I hit the pillow tonight. Maybe I can dream up some recipes instead.

I bought a dehydrator and a juicer yesterday, so now I have no excuse to miss out any of the recipes.

Thank you for all the wonderful messages of encouragement, I will endeavour to answer them all.

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