Over 50k followers

Wow!! What can I say..? over 50k followers!

Midlife is full of surprises.

Before I hit my fifties, I felt I had a value as a mother and a top performing employee. At the same time my son left home, I left my job to work for myself. Suddenly those values disappeared, and I was left a little bit lost, wondering if I would ever feel valued again.

Of course, when you run your own business, you can see the money and results – all earned with your hard work and effort. But there’s nobody to compare yourself to or compete with (I’m very competitive – but only in business when results matter). Everything is down to you alone. No one was relying on me, or expecting anything of me.

Having had huge multi million dollar targets all my working life, suddenly I had no mortgage and nobody breathing down my neck, squeezing me for every last drop of revenue.

That’s why I felt lost.

The number of followers was not my goal, it was to find a tribe of like minded women. Hitting 50k followers, (a crazy high number I never expected to reach) has made me feel valued again. I never expected or considered that could or would happen.

As a middle aged women I expected to be invisible and on the side lines. Not trail blazing a positive ageing moment with other midlife warriors.

We all deserve to feel valued. Whether as a; mother, wife, friend, employee or online warrior. I hope you find your niche or groove and the visibility you deserve age 40, 50 and beyond.

Much love to you all


Lipstick ‘Stiletto’ @revolutionpro

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