Me and my shadow

Drinking in the warm sunshine today. I am home alone and enjoying some relaxation.

It’s impossible to take a photo with Ginger around. She is my shadow and wants to be touching me everywhere I go. She is such a wonderful dog.

About 5 years ago she started pushing her nose into the left lower side of my belly. Like she was hunting for a mouse and sniffing really hard, intent on drawing my attention to this area. I ignored it and thought maybe it was perfume or a fragrance that she could smell.

She started doing it more often. Always in the same place.

One morning in bed (with a full bladder) I noticed the left side of my belly was higher than the right. I prodded my belly and found a large mass on the left side.

I had a tumour on my ovary which caused much stress and panic, but thankfully, after surgery and lab tests I was told it was benign.

I couldn’t take the photo I wanted today, but it didn’t matter as we had some lovely cuddles instead.

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