Real women over 40

Yesterday I mentioned that @thrivecausemetics will use me for one of their US TV campaigns. For me, when I see movie stars advertising cosmetics, I am disconnected from the image as their look is unattainable. I know that real women over 40 are looking for inspiration from ordinary women like me and so many other mature women here on Insta, who share their love of hair and makeup.

Over 40 women have the time to shop and disposable income. It’s time the cosmetics companies realised this.

The same goes for clothing and fashion accessories. I enjoy seeing women of all ages, shapes and sizes, smiling and enjoying being part of an industry which can bring happiness and joy to many women. Enabling them to dress the way they want to show their individuality.

I’m a little tired of seeing only very slim women looking miserable and grumpy whilst I’m browsing online stores.

Huge congratulations to @and.bloom who reached 100k followers today. Denise has an incredible channel with beautiful and creative shots of mature women and colourful flowers. She deserves her success. This is just the beginning. I know she will reach 1 million followers within a year and I can’t wait. She is showcasing mature beauty in a delightful way.

Celebrate your age and beauty. The older we get, the brighter we shine.

Have a beautiful weekend


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