The best version of 50+ me I can be

Turning 50 is not about saying ‘goodbye’ to all the things which you had taken for granted, it’s the time to say ‘hello’ to a new and ever changing version of you.

When we move from childhood to adulthood, we barely notice the incredible and drastic changes as we are so busy being alive and growing.

But in midlife we see the changes each day. A line here, a silver hair there. Like there is someone busily painting a new version of us each night directly on our face.

Sometimes the changes come on quickly – its scary. But there is truly nothing to be scared of. This is where we should be.

Huge corporations spend billions to convince us that looking our age is a terrible thing, that we must hide and disguise everything that validates the signs of time passing on our bodies.

When I’m told I look older with silver hair. I say “Why is that important to you and why does it bother you so much? It doesn’t bother me at all”.

I put my efforts into retaining my strength and energy, to simply be the best version of 50+ me I can be.

….and makeup, I do adore makeup!

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