Purple liptsick and my idiot dog

Most of the time I can cope with huge amounts of stress and other times, just one little thing can tip me over the edge.

A lack of sleep this week (for many reasons) has depleted my supply of patience. Half of my kitchen is ripped out with the contents now stacked in the dining room. The new kitchen arrives tomorrow, which means I won’t have anywhere to sit either as the lounge will be full too.

I live in a small cottage. I have no spare space. It’s going to be a squeeze.

Everything was going ok today, I had all my plates spinning, juggling all my jobs and working through my ‘to do’ list in my head when ‘Dirty Bird’ (my Hungarian Vizsla) decided to roll on the rotting and putrefying dolphin carcass again this afternoon.

I was done.

I just wanted someone else to deal with it. I wanted to be anywhere else but on the beach next to the idiot dead dolphin dog.

Why do dogs do it? I have one dog which eats anything brown and stinky and one who wants to bathe in it or anything dead. I call them ‘Scoff’ and ‘Roll’

Dead dolphin dog has been scrubbed and doused with a bottle of vinegar. She doesn’t look very happy about smelling like a chip shop. I’m curled up on the daybed in my office, hiding from the rest of the day.

Hopefully decaying Delphinidae will make it’s way back out to sea soon on the tide to liquify in the waves. Or maybe it will hang around a while longer to fester and attract pets to bathe a little more….

I’m guessing I need to stock up on shampoo and vinegar!

This beauty of a lipstick is from @tucheir and is called ‘Social butterfly’ I LOVE IT!!! ?

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