Silver sugar chin

Ginger has a gorgeous little silver sugar chin. Every year she gains a few more sparkles, just like my own hair.

I sat at my desk this morning and immediately Ginger climbed up on my lap to soak up my body heat. She’s my shadow. I managed to grab a couple of shots until she heard the fire being lit, and then she ran full speed down the stairs into the lounge to snuggle up next to the log burner.

Today I started writing my intentions for 2021. My focus is on getting leaner, stronger and greener.

It’s very easy to accept middleage spread, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I eat a very varied whole food diet of just plants, and I hike for many hours each day with my girls, but this year I will challenge myself to build muscle, especially my upper body.

I’m preparing for a full month of raw vegan in January to give me a head start on getting leaner. I’m going to swim more and design a work out routine, which I can easily fit in to my daily schedule to make me stronger.

To make my life greener, I’m always searching for; good cruelty free/environmentally friendly products, ways to recycle/reduce waste and a better way of shopping and eating which supports our planet.

Choosing to eliminate animal products from my life has been completely life changing. Not just for me, but for my fur and feathered friends.

My wish for the future, is that more people become conscious consumers and open their heart to a more ethical and soulful coexistence with all the creatures, no matter how big or small, on our beautiful planet.

Every day is a fresh opportunity to make positive changes.

What are your intentions for the new year?

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