Silken tofu matcha mint dairy free smoothie bowl

Silken tofu is a great substitute for dairy in many recipes.

Silken tofu is such a versatile ingredient and a great replacement for dairy. I was a bit surprised that someone said yesterday they didn’t have time or the money to eat like me. I don’t know how much quicker a meal could be to prepare (and it can be made in advance). I throw everything in the jug and blitz for 10 seconds. It’s really that quick.

I prefer to put in time and effort into my health now, because not prioritising one’s health has a habit of affecting the quality of one’s life in later years. I want to live a life without regret. I can never regret taking care of my health and making it a priority. Silken tofu is inexpensive and absolutely tasteless, so it’s great as a dairy free substitute for yoghurt and many more uses which I will share with you on this channel – so stay tuned!

No snacks required!

I foraged the borage flowers from the meadow next to the orange grove where I live. This kept me feeling full until lunchtime, no snacks required in between. Ingredients; silken tofu, hemp seeds, matcha tea powder, fresh mint, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, medjool date, coconut yoghurt, fresh soya milk, cashew nuts, borage flowers.

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