It’s not as simple as just move more and eat less.

Mr Motivator isn’t motivating me!

I listened to an interview with Mr Motivator on British TV – ITV This Morning Show last week. He said that ‘people were simply fat and lazy’. They needed to eat less and move more, but I don’t agree, it’s not that simple. I eat more than ever before, but as it’s only plants on my plate , my meals are nutrient and fibre dense to keep me feeling fuller for longer. I say “eat more plants with every meal, as it’s impossible to over eat fresh fruit, veggies nuts, seeds and beans due to the fibre content”.

Women are always on the go, we are busy being busy, but we begin to lose muscle strength if we don’t lift weights. I’m not talking weight lifting at the gym every day, a kettlebell is brilliant, or if you don’t have one you can use a gallon/large container of milk or water to keep your arms and shoulders toned. I will share more about this soon. Simple small steps soon add up to big changes. Diets don’t work but lifestyle changes do. Subscribe and follow along on YouTube for more information and tips about how to add healthy habits to your lifestyle.

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