Eating plants changed my life

I’m blending like a chameleon today!

Eating only plants changed my life. I have more energy and stamina to exercise longer, hiking the steep and hilly South West coast path around Devon and swimming all year round in the bay. It really was a gamechanger for me, and there is a good film on Netflix with the same name ‘Gamechanger’ that you may want to watch if you are at all interested in diet and fitness.

Most days I fit in a minimum 3 hours of strenuous hiking and put aside some time for swimming. I try to stay in the water 30 minutes, but it does depend on the sea temperature. In the winter 10 minutes is quite an achievement!
Today Seb and I took a dip in Fishcombe Cove. We swam and chatted our way across to Churston Cove, which wasn’t a long swim, but long enough to catch up on each other’s news and wash away the stresses of the past few weeks. Our client finally paid the outstanding invoice which I’ve mentioned before as the cause of some sleepless nights over the past couple of months. I’m very happy to say that the money hit our account today so I will be sleeping like a koala tonight!

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