A big thank you

Back in my office today as it’s cloudy and I have lots of admin to do.

I’ve launched a lovely Warrior Woman T shirt today which I am completely smitten with and can’t wait for the first one to arrive through my letter box. I will post a photo as soon as it arrives as I’m so excited!!

Thank you to everyone for all of your incredible support. I’m completely bewildered how I’ve reached the heady heights of almost 26k followers.

When I started this account I thought I’d bore even myself and I would spend a lonely few months posting pics, before I surrendered my dream of inspiring women to enjoy ageing and embrace midlife and beyond. I thought this idea would probably to be added to my filing cabinet archive folder full of crazy ideas which appear in my head all times of the day and night.

Not so!

Thank you to the wonderful women who send me feedback and comments which enable me to improve my page and reach. A big thank you to @sheglowsagain who has cheered me on since day one and continues to encourage me – often. Thank you.

Here I am with a lovely pot belly and squidgy under arms, I simply don’t care, I’m posting it anyway. I love my body no matter what. I found happiness caring less about what others think and more about my ability to be positive about every inch of this ageing body.

Love your body, it works hard for you.

Have a beautiful day!

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