A better version of me.

Slide down for the better version of me. Of course I am the same original me underneath but with a little bit of effort.

Each day I have the opportunity to make improvements. Whether that’s to my face with some cruelty free makeup magic, or to my body with my focus on healthy eating – with a vitamin rich, plant based diet and exercise.

If you’ve not been taking care of you, now is the time to start.

I’m carrying a few extra pounds at the moment, but I’m not focusing on weight loss, I’m focusing on increasing my energy levels and fitting more exercise into my day. I’m not focusing on something negative, I’m focusing on positive change.

As we age we need to ensure our bodies run at optimum performance for as long as possible. Junk food does not give us a high value return. Feed yourself with vitamin packed fresh fruit and veggies and you will be rewarded with glowing skin, bright eyes and abundant energy.

You can do more for your skin with your food choices than any cream is capable of.

Every day I am working on me, to become the best version of me.

Today is the best day, to start taking care of you.