Loving my 70’s vibe bright florals

Flower Power FiftySister

I finally have my remote control working for my camera so I am back taking photos out on my walks.
I got caught out yesterday as I spent so long watching the fishermen, huge shoals of small mackerel and dolphins that I got cut off by the tide and had to wade back to dry land.
This dress is from @hm Conscious collection. I was about to return it when I saw a clip of @isthistooyoungforme wearing it and I fell in love with it again. My husband hates it but I really don’t care. The colours make me happy and the pattern reminds me of the wallpaper on my bedroom wall during the 70’s, very floral and bright.
It was very cloudy yesterday and it started to rain when I was taking this photo, but the sun is on its way back next week so I am beyond excited to see blue sky again.
This week I have spent too long sitting in front of my computer (12 hours or more each day) working on my T shirt collection. Next week I have plans to spend more time collecting garbage from the beaches and sharing some lovely walks with you. Although it will be much busier with all the tourists now allowed back in our little town.
How are you finding release from lockdown? I am happy that we are free to roam again, but I did enjoy having this little place to (almost) myself for a few months. I must learn to share again!

The Fashion Assassin

Fashion Assassin…

Firstly, I am not half naked, I am wearing shorts in this photo!

A few weeks ago I was tagged by @rubbishlondonbrand to check out a black owned business @day____dot – so here I am a few days later, wearing one of their amazing designs, complete with angel wing detail on the arms which I really love. The top is bigger than I would normally buy but I am loving all the extra room to chill out and be cosy either on the sofa or out on my walks.
When we reach 40, many women reach for the elasticated waist trousers and beige cardigans but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can still be fashionable and stylish if we make a bit of effort. I refer to myself as ‘the fashion assassin’ as I am useless at styling, normally opting for something practical like a T shirt, jeans and white sneakers.
If you need some inspiration and want someone cool to follow, check out @astridiwantyouinmylife who, quite honestly could make a carboard box and some duct tape look stunning! The pumpkin linen jeans she wore this week from @themakeshed are the perfect shade of orange to go with Astrid’s rather incredible tan. We’ve had a sunny start to the summer so it’s great to see everyone looking so healthy for a change.

So, my idea to help @day____dot grow their business, is to pass on this clothing to someone else to style better than me. Astrid, I will be passing the responsibility on to you… and then you can pass it on to someone else to do the same and so on…

I released a kid’s collection of T shirts in the early hours of this morning, complete with ‘Mukki Monsters’ straight out of my colourful imagination. I’m quite exhausted as my week has been crazy, but I can’t thank everyone enough for their support for my ocean clean project, with lots of T shirts on their way to Australia – how cool is that??!!!!

Lots more to do today, with cruelty free Friday on its way to you later today.

Have a super weekend!

Gail x

Angel wing sweatshirt: @day____dot
Kid’s T shirt collection: https://shopfiftysister.com/collection/fiftysister-kids/

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In search of a soft but supportive bra

In search of a soft but supportive bra

I need your help….bras! I stopped wearing underwired last year having switched to soft bras but I can’t find any which hold their shape and are really comfortable. Can anyone suggest a good option? I have lovely sports/yoga type bras from @bamboo_clothing clothing which are excellent but I need something pretty with a bit of support. Please drop your suggestions below or send me a DM and I will check them out.

Up until 2am this morning re-working my shop again after spending the evening with my tech wizard and wonderful friend @aaronwilkinson1507 who gave me lots of feedback and good suggestions for my T shirt store. I’m over tired (and grumpy) with a crappy headache today (keep forgetting to drink water!) but I know it’s worth all the effort.

Seb and I went for a litter hunt a couple of days ago on a paddleboard. We collected; beer cans, plastic bags, plastic wrap, yoghurt pots, chunks of polystyrene and plenty of cable ties. Then on the way up from the beach we collected beer bottles, disposable BBQ’s, empty snack wrappers and more plastic bags.

It really does amaze me how anyone can carry food to the beach, eat it and then just leave everything where it dropped. I can’t imagine being friends with anyone who does this. I often lose my mind over the garbage scattered amongst the rock pools and in the woods. I gather it all up and carry it up the hill home to sort into the recycling boxes. I cannot bear to see the cove covered in trash.

Does anyone else litter pick to save their sanity?

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Have you ever been so excited?

Have you ever been so excited you think that you may spontaneously combust…? That’s me today! More samples arrived from the factory this morning and I am over the moon with the quality.

How nice does my muffintop look in this…?! The shirts are all organic, made in Portugal, printed in the UK. The packaging is plastic free and the stickers are made from recycled materials. The factory is run on renewal energy.

Organic cotton is better for the producers and the ecosystem in which it is produced. Instead of more toxic pesticides and fertilisers, co planting and insect traps are used along with the special ingredient – cow poop!

Organic cotton looks like a little bit of cotton wool bursting from a dry flower. The petals and seeds need to be removed before it can be spun. The raw material is separated out into the useful fibres which are sent to be spun. The waste seeds are pressed into cakes which is sold for organic cow feed. Vegetable oil is squeezed out last for use in food products. Every part of the plant is used.

The shirts are very high quality (I’m thrilled!!!) and I’ve received lots of wonderful feedback with shirts sent all over the world.
Profits go to my ocean clean project which I am busy documenting at the moment so stay tuned for more info on this.
Who else has fulfilled their dream and been so happy they screamed? I’ve wanted to scream from so much unpleasant stuff in the past, but this is a happy sound!

This is my Vintage Vibes Stars and Stripes baseball T – click here for more info: https://shopfiftysister.com/product/stars-stripes-baseball-tee/

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Support small businesses

Wow! What a week it has been…phew…I’m ready for some gin! I’ve been trying to avoid alcohol during the week as I find my face gets extra puffy when I have alcohol. I normally only drink a little at the weekend, but during lockdown I’ve lost every sense of time and have no idea which day of the week it is… well that’s, my excuse anyway!
My office is a disaster with stuff thrown everywhere. The contents of Seb’s van are all stashed all over the place as he organises repairs after his collision. Not to worry, tidying can wait for another day. It’s the weekend – HURRAH!

Check out this stunning T shirt from @sophiepittom a mother and daughter duo, creating sustainable & embellished fashion and accessories. They create limited collections. This colourful and intricate T is in the sale so go grab yourself a bargain! It’s difficult to do this T shirt justice but her page is filled with great close up shots so you can go see them for yourself and definitely give her a follow.
Support a small business and make someone’s dream come true.

T shirt – gifted @sophiepittom
Lipstick – Kiss me quick @tropicskincare
Location – my messy office!

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