Loving my 70’s vibe bright florals

Flower Power FiftySister

I finally have my remote control working for my camera so I am back taking photos out on my walks.
I got caught out yesterday as I spent so long watching the fishermen, huge shoals of small mackerel and dolphins that I got cut off by the tide and had to wade back to dry land.
This dress is from @hm Conscious collection. I was about to return it when I saw a clip of @isthistooyoungforme wearing it and I fell in love with it again. My husband hates it but I really don’t care. The colours make me happy and the pattern reminds me of the wallpaper on my bedroom wall during the 70’s, very floral and bright.
It was very cloudy yesterday and it started to rain when I was taking this photo, but the sun is on its way back next week so I am beyond excited to see blue sky again.
This week I have spent too long sitting in front of my computer (12 hours or more each day) working on my T shirt collection. Next week I have plans to spend more time collecting garbage from the beaches and sharing some lovely walks with you. Although it will be much busier with all the tourists now allowed back in our little town.
How are you finding release from lockdown? I am happy that we are free to roam again, but I did enjoy having this little place to (almost) myself for a few months. I must learn to share again!