In search of a soft but supportive bra

In search of a soft but supportive bra

I need your help….bras! I stopped wearing underwired last year having switched to soft bras but I can’t find any which hold their shape and are really comfortable. Can anyone suggest a good option? I have lovely sports/yoga type bras from @bamboo_clothing clothing which are excellent but I need something pretty with a bit of support. Please drop your suggestions below or send me a DM and I will check them out.

Up until 2am this morning re-working my shop again after spending the evening with my tech wizard and wonderful friend @aaronwilkinson1507 who gave me lots of feedback and good suggestions for my T shirt store. I’m over tired (and grumpy) with a crappy headache today (keep forgetting to drink water!) but I know it’s worth all the effort.

Seb and I went for a litter hunt a couple of days ago on a paddleboard. We collected; beer cans, plastic bags, plastic wrap, yoghurt pots, chunks of polystyrene and plenty of cable ties. Then on the way up from the beach we collected beer bottles, disposable BBQ’s, empty snack wrappers and more plastic bags.

It really does amaze me how anyone can carry food to the beach, eat it and then just leave everything where it dropped. I can’t imagine being friends with anyone who does this. I often lose my mind over the garbage scattered amongst the rock pools and in the woods. I gather it all up and carry it up the hill home to sort into the recycling boxes. I cannot bear to see the cove covered in trash.

Does anyone else litter pick to save their sanity?

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