Chilling in the woods

This is me. No makeup. No light adjustments. Just natural old me chilling in the woods on a bed of ivy, soaking in the energy of the earth.

I didn’t like this face much before with it’s wrinkles, sunspots, scars and blemishes. But I’ve learned to love it’s natural state with almost invisible eyelashes and fire scarred skin (you can see red patches on the left side of the photo). It’s such a pity some of the quality is lost when posting on Insta, as you can clearly see the trees above me reflecting in my eyes in the original pic which is lovely.
I often find a quiet spot in the dappled light to bathe in the magic of the woodland. Safely tucked amongst the ferns, beech and oak trees, watching the boughs move gently in the wind, their leaves tickled by the breeze.
This is my moment of meditation. The birds calling and singing loudly at first light, full of joy, celebrating another shiny new day. The moist dew settled on the fresh leaves and grasses, tips tiny pools of cool tranquillity onto my skin as I join the bugs on the woodland floor.

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Hot pink and Ginger

We had nowhere to go but that didn’t stop me putting on my favourite pink coat to hang out with Ginger in the early morning sunshine.
It felt good.
Do what makes you happy.
What makes you happy at home during lockdown?
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Missing donuts

I think I may be the only person who has lost weight during lockdown! No access to vegan ice cream or donuts is the secret. I LOVE donuts!

I feel like I have been prepared for this isolation for a long time. I have silver hair so no worries about colouring and a cupboard filled with nuts, seeds and pulses. Yesterday I made some coconut pancakes and shared this on my story. So many people asked for the recipe again that I will make a short IGTV with the process again soon. I get asked many times what I eat to have so much energy for my long walks.
I only eat plants and follow a whole food plant based diet. I shared a few vegan swaps for dairy on my story the other day. If you are thinking about switching to a high energy, cruelty free, vitamin packed diet, maybe start with swapping out dairy and butter. Check out a few films to get you motivated:

Forks Over Knives
What The Health?
The Game Changers

None of these films involve animal cruelty so don’t be scared to start watching. It shows how animal products can affect your health and how to improve your health by removing these products from your diet.

I feel 16 inside! My energy levels are very high and I feel fantastic. I researched the best way to improve my health almost 6 years ago and made the change after reading so many stories about energetic plant eaters. I have never looked back.
The biggest change for me is that I no longer count calories or require portion control. It’s impossible to overeat on a whole food plant based diet – just too much fibre!!! I may start sharing recipe videos via IGTV as my son loves my cooking but isn’t gifted with the joy of cooking but he does love to eat. If it’s easy to follow with a few cupboard ingredients he will give it a go. So stay tuned for more on this.
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The eyes are everything!

It’s really important to get your eyes checked regularly as many other conditions can affect your eye sight, or can be spotted by the optician before any symptoms show.

My father has cataracts and macular degeneration and my mother has glaucoma so I’m in for a rough ride with my eyesight in older age!

Yesterday my optician explained how I can help keep my eyes in the best of health to keep my sight for longer. She suggested I always wear sunglasses to prevent cataracts, even on a dull day, so I have ordered lenses which automatically turn to shades in ultraviolet light.
She advised me to eat a diet rich in beta carotene, so I will be increasing my intake of carrots, sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens – such as kale and spinach, romaine lettuce, squash, cantaloupe, red and yellow peppers, apricots. When I say ‘increase’, I’m not sure how I could actually eat more of these veggies as my diet is packed full of them. Perhaps with the exception of Apricots, but I will make sure I stock up on those too.

My eyes are in perfect health at the moment, and I want to keep it that way. Since switching to a vegan diet 4 years ago, the whites of my eyes seem brighter and the colour of my eyes have changed. Apparently this is completely possible – something I was not aware of.
Rocking some blue eyeshadow under my eyes today. I was transported back in time to the 80’s when I looked in the mirror. Now all I need are some skintight blue satin trousers and a perm to complete the look.