Starting over

So many women share with me that they feel their life is over, they are past their best and on a slippery slope downhill into old age. Hitting 50 is a significant milestone, but not everyone can appreciate how incredible it is to be able to celebrate their half century.

But this is OUR time. Time we never had available before. Through college, courting, children, cooking, caring and careers, we have given ourselves completely to others. But how about some ‘me time’ for a change? How about doing everything you’ve ever dreamed of? Obviously, world travel is off the list at the moment, but what about; picking up your paints and creating art, writing that book that’s been sitting in your head for so many years, learning a new skill such as web design or …..well….anything you’ve ever dreamed of?

Starting a new business or venture in our 50’s and beyond should be a breeze, we’ve learned a lot of lessons. Sure, the landscape has changed and everything is online, but it’s so easy to educate yourself using tutorials on YouTube. I taught myself to build my website, to design my T shirts and to use social media, which just over a year ago was mind boggling to say the least.
In the words of Freddie Mercury, ‘don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball’. I’m enjoying this beautiful ride and there’s nothing in my way!

Are you starting something?

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