Re-imagination. The evolution of you.

Re-imagination. The evolution of you. – I had this sentence bubbling in my head on Friday evening. Over and over the words popped up in my mind. l reworked them until I was happy with the meaning. At the time, I was riding pillion on the scooter with my husband, on our way back through the mountains. The warm wind buffeting my shirt and hair as I held on and looked at the starry sky. Suddenly I saw StarLink – the Tesla string of satellites above our heads. What an incredible sight! Someone imagined this (Elon Musk) and made it happen. It’s quite an outstanding achievement. Technology does not stop evolving and neither should we.

If you don’t like your life, imagine and re-imagine it over and over until you find a life you love.

Downsize, minimise, improvise and find a life that brings you joy. Money and possessions can’t do that. Experiences and people can.

On Friday evening we’d headed out for a ride on the scooter with no fixed destination. Just a left turn here and a right turn there. We arrived at the beach and listened to music from a nearby restaurant playing, as the sun set into the Atlantic Ocean.

A perfect evening. So very different from our life in Devon.

I’m happy that we decided to return to Portugal to change our lives completely. This definitely is not our last adventure, we have plans for so much more. Our imagination has no limits.

Never stop dreaming.

Photo iPhone 12 Pro Portrait mode, early morning sun.

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