Is anyone listening?

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is listening. Am I talking to myself? Should I continue taking photos, making content and finding new ways to support the midlife community….?

Then I receive a message like this one and it truly blows my mind. My writing and photos bring happiness and inspiration to so many women around the world. I wasn’t expecting this.

I’ve always loved being creative, but I haven’t always had the time to relax and enjoy the process.

This week I’ve learned how to use a new video editing app (which was a lot of fun) and how to build a forum on my website (which wasn’t so much fun). A lot of swearing went into the forum! I had a few ugly interface issues Yesterday but it’s working. It will get better – I promise.

I started the forum because I get so many questions, which I try my best to answer, but, I’m not an expert or don’t have personal experience to help everyone. So I’m hoping others can offer support and answer questions too.

Please head over to and help me make a difference. It’s free to subscribe. I’m going to be giving away T shirts and adding more discount codes to give a little extra back for your efforts.

I’ve been quiet this week (now you know why) but I will be back soon with more waffle and photos.

Thank you for all your lovely messages and support.


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