In search of a wedding ring

Quite an adventure this week Seb (my son) spent the morning on Saturday in the river searching for a lost wedding ring, hoping to return it to the owner. No luck …. yet. He hasn’t given up and we will visit again for another look. He found some vintage brass salmon lures from 1930, a few coins and part of a gun.

He is so like me. He cannot keep still. Always on the move looking for his next adventure.

Recently I shared that my only fear is swimming in deep water. When Seb was training as a freedive instructor in Egypt several years ago, I jumped on a plane to visit him to see the clear waters of Dahab for myself.

The visibility was 30 metres or more. Seb asked me if I would like to watch him dive and of course I was thrilled … but I really didn’t think this through. He headed down to the 50 metre marker followed by his safety diver. What I hadn’t considered is that I would be left, floating all alone as shark bait on the surface.

I watched as he passed scuba divers underneath me, disappearing into the blue.

Alone I hyperventilated on the surface, with the soundtrack to Jaws on full volume in my head.

I have never been so relieved to see his face when he surfaced, and on seeing my pale terrified face he offered to swim me back to shore to compose myself. I hate that I’m scared, but luckily it’s not something I have to face everyday.

I am happy to face anything else head on. I’m a positive, happy and determined person, which gets me through most challenges and scrapes.

On my 40th birthday, I wasn’t thrilled with the number on the scoreboard. But I decided I was going to make the most out of life and squeeze very last drop out of the second half of my life. I signed up for snowboard lessons and ever since haven’t let age limit me in any way.

Armed with lipstick, I’m ready and up for anything!