I thought it was too late for me

I’m not being patronising when I suggest fuelling your body with nutritious food (as per yesterday’s post).

Before embarking on my vegan journey, I was at least 35lbs heavier than I am now. My hair was thinning, I was tired, my legs were so swollen you couldn’t see my ankles and I could barely walk.. (really!). I wanted to sleep every hour of every day, I was completely exhausted.

I was jumping on planes for business trips, then cramming leisure trips in as often as I could in an effort to make myself feel better. Together with complex house renovations I was working every waking minute of every day.

I ate when I could, whatever I could find in foreign places. Grabbing anything to stop the hunger. No meal planning or concern for the ingredients or nutrients.

I had an under treated, underactive thyroid for a long time, plus I wasn’t taking care of myself at all.

One day, my body just stopped. I couldn’t walk without severe pain and my whole body ached. Just blinking my eyes hurt. Everything hurt. I couldn’t see the point of my existence. I couldn’t see a future for me at all.

I remember laying on the floor sobbing, (thinking I was alone in the house), saying out loud ‘I wish I was dead’. My son heard those words, he was 8.

It’s a much longer story… but I can tell you since switching to a vegan diet and lifestyle my body has sprung back into life. No more aches and pains. I feel 16 again, and for that I am truly grateful.

The reason I mention food as fuel so often, is that I want everyone to have the opportunity to regain their energy levels and feel good again.

I thought it was too late for me. I am so happy I was wrong.

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