How long will I go?

I don’t know why so many women choose to cut off their hair as they age. Having long hair is the best time saving decision ever! I have achieved my goal of silver bun. How long will I go? I just don’t know.

Having natural silver hair (especially as mine is so white on the sides) makes my hair appear sparse. It is considerably thinner on my temples, which is normal for my age.

To give the illusion of thicker hair, I sometimes use some dry shampoo spray on the sides. As the shampoo spray is white, my hair looks dense and my scalp less visible. It’s magical!

I’ve been in my social bubble today with some of my best friends, Patrick & JL. After a vegetable feast, we drank too many glasses of Pimms and I now need a snooze. I’m not even sure this post makes sense ? and I’ve read it 10 times ?

How good is it to finally catch up with friends and see other familiar humans..? Necklace: @_jasperrocks ?