Happy in my skin

My husband said to me at breakfast this morning ‘You look younger now, than you did 2 years ago when you started the process of growing out your dye. I’m so happy you decided to stop dying your hair. You look more natural, it suits you and I really like it. I’m not sure how you’ve done it, but your face looks younger too!’.

When I originally asked him whether I should embrace my natural colour, he said ‘It’s up to you’ which wasn’t encouraging, I guess he didn’t know what it would look like natural, as neither did I. My son responded with ‘No! Absolutely not’ so obviously I didn’t listen to him!

When I compare myself to photos a few years ago I do look younger now. My coloured hair was quite harsh and it does look very fake. Also, I am much less stressed now than I was a few years ago. Stress shows on my face, I looked tired.

I didn’t have time for myself before. I didn’t neglect my appearance, but I didn’t give it any thought and ‘me time’ was in short supply or non existent.

I was completely lost with what I should wear age 50. No longer wanting to wear heels or look perfectly groomed like I fell out of a shop window, I eventually found a more casual style which suits me perfectly.

My weight fluctuates, I’m happy if it dips, but I’m not unhappy if it increases. I’m not worried about looking 10 years younger, energy levels and strength are more important. I feel totally happy in my skin for the first time in my life. I just wish it hadn’t taken so long…

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