Each day I scramble down a steep cliff to enjoy some quiet time away from the tourists who are visiting my little cove. It’s quite a tricky descent and I’ve already taken a tumble once, but I’m determined to have some space and tranquility, no matter what!

Yesterday Karen @theorganisinglady posted a question about books – ‘How many books do you own?’ My answer ‘none!’. Believe it or not, I donated all my books when I downsized my life. I only have a hat box filled with photos, the rest burned. I donated/sold/gave away 95% of my belongings and it felt so good. In my former large family home, I had 22 rooms filled with ‘stuff’, 2 garages, 2 storage rooms, 1 loft, 1 shed, filled with ‘stuff’.

Stuff I really didn’t need.

Karen asked me if I had heard of the art of Swedish death cleaning ‘Döstädning’ – how to free yourself and your family from a lifetime of clutter. I learned about this late last year, 2 years after I had undertaken a massive declutter project. It makes complete sense, my ambition is to leave my son with only a suitcase of clothes (or less!) to donate when I am gone. Everything else gifted, re-homed, passed on to start a life with someone else.

I feel that everything we own is a burden. We need to take care of it, store it, protect it from damage, pack it – unpack it when we move. I need none of these things.

People I carry in my heart, wonderful memories in my mind. I travel light, and I love it.

Do you find it hard to let go?

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